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oLAB - Foreword

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

MOTTO: „In a beautiful environment, good ideas and thoughts arise naturally.“

Comfortable space is the key to great concentration and immersion in work - with the adequate light, without worrying about temperature in the room, without beeing disturbed by surroundings. The place providing us complete silence, but also oppportunity to listen to hi-fi music that gives us energy to create. The space without compromises, as is not common in traditional offices, or at home where work often takes up space intended for rest and family.

The oLAB space was created as the embodiment of the joy of minimalist architecture using the best technologies and materials. The oLAB project stands on the belief in the uniqueness of each of us and as a support for sustainable development without wasting energy, inventions and own time.

oLAB origin is linked with a sequence of unique ideas and solutions - from the vision, through selection of the architectural design, to the development and the construction itself. Our major inspiration was the nature shelters – dens, shells or bird nests.

oLAB can become work, study, meeting or relaxation place, your refuge from the rest of the world. We can tailor-made oLAB based on your expectations, we are ready to grow with each of your requirements for individualization.

oLAB, The best space for my ideas.

Ondrej Sedlon, CEO


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