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The best space

for me and my ideas


for a special purpose


to work or relax

Great ideas are born easier in a nice and aspirational environment which stimulates your creativity and energizes you.

We have developed unique system of oLAB spaces for your individual working comfort.

Enjoy your own oLAB!


Enable everyone to better focus on their relax or work activities and increase their performance and creativity.

To be part of sustainable development without wasting your energy, inventions or time.

Support the emerging trend of working from different places with your own individual working freedom and regime.




To design and create a unique working environment, which is the intersection of a space in which we feel naturally great and at the same time is arranged exactly to suit your individual activities. 



oLAB system is a workspace that is fully scalable to a specific user activity - I am programming, composing music, managing teams via video conferencing, presenting ideas, working with data, creating strategies, relaxing ...


oLAB can be quickly produced, moved, placed on the floor, on the roof, hang, stack.

Simply connect your oLAB to the network and start working without complicated building permits and without wasting your time. You can create your own oLAB from many components.

Light gives our lives the right rhythm.
Our biological and hormonal processes in the body are largely controlled during the day and night by the amount and composition of incident light, the so-called Circadian cycle (read more about the topic in National Geographic).
The large-format glazing of the oLAB allows a sufficient amount of natural light to pass into the interior during the day.
At the same time, thanks to the control of biodynamic lighting (HCL Human Centric Lighting), your biological clock works better - you will have more energy for your activities and a feeling of well-being.



We respect your style, and therefore we can design a unique space corresponding to your activities and wishes.


Interior color, storage space composition, color of the outer shell, upholstery on request or dimmable glass – we'll do our best to keep your oLAB tailored.



immersive sound

Whether you prefer to work in complete silence, with a bubbling stream or you need to be encouraged by your favorite song that energizes you - inside the oLAB we can create a high quality audio or nature ambience for you, to your liking.


During a conversation or video conference, you need to be heard well without echoes, resonances, and even in such situations we thought about the high-quality acoustic properties of oLAB.


From the very beginning, we have designed oLAB for repeated use for various purposes and environments.


No time-consuming or cost-intensive permits or approval from the authorities are required for the transport and placement of the oLAB on your own land.


If you decide to move the oLAB unit or add another one, it is only a matter of a few hours.


oLAB design

The oLAB construction is based on the ideal of a circle, which, thanks to its shape, handles snow loads very well, puts little resistance to fast-flowing air, does not retain water precipitation - it is suitable for year-round use.

Putting oLAB into operation is extremely easy.


Simply connect your oLAB to a power source and it's ready – WiFi, air conditioning, heating, lighting, 3D audio system or coffee machine.


For those of you who prefer independent island systems, we can equip oLAB with photovoltaic cells with storage on request.



For extreme lightness and perfect weather resistance, we chose dural material for the construction of the outer shell.


In combination with the noble silver color, it is often used by designers of aircraft, ships or fast sports cars.

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